How can you be earning while you’re learning?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools and other institutions are closed and businesses are adversely affected. Lockdowns and shift to telecommuting have made traditional employment a shaky prospect for the future. In these times, the question is how can you be earning while you are learning. The answer is the gig economy that provides an array of work opportunities online or through non-traditional means.

Here are the advantages of earning while learning:

  • Today earning while learning has become more than important. The reasons why college-going students turn to earn is more than just because of their poor financial conditions. Students tend to learn more at work, as compared to the confines of their classrooms.
  • The students who are involved in this are more concerned about upgrading their resumes and enhancing their skills. They seem to be less concerned about paying for their tuition.
  • Working students are seen to be much more aware of the working conditions, corporate ethics and more importantly, the world they are going to enter. Because of their upwardly mobile nature, they are emotionally and mentally prepared for the changes that will take place after graduation. Also, the work experience they gain over the years will directly help them to gain managerial positions, as compared to the non-working learners.
  • Working learners tend to develop stronger ties between the education and working world. It is seen that learning and earning is the most common program for working learners in post- secondary institutions. The career counselling options available in colleges is very limited. It is hardly based on the data about the economic value of college majors. Therefore, by being aware of their corporal value, students can choose wisely.
  • The traditional Bachelor’s degree-centric model has a very liminal value in a world that is focused on workforce development. Therefore, initially, most of the aspirants gain corporate experience and then get into a post-graduate program. The graduates who are already working benefit from their work experience as it becomes an asset when they enter the full-time job market.

Today, the employees who show their ability to work independently and manage their time, are rewarded in the job market. Students who are working full-time taking online college courses can customize their degree programs. This can be done to avoid pay cuts. A growing number of employers are also offering reimbursement for online degree programs. This helps and allows employees to work full-time.

The rise in the number of working learners is a natural evolution of our work-based society. An early work experience helps in forming good habits and helps the students in making better career connections. Thus, more attention should be paid to the pathways from education to work.

In a gig economy, jobs allow you in making money based on your own using the skills and tools you have. Some jobs can be more lucrative than traditional, while some can be done even from home. Based on your skills, abilities, and credentials, there are several jobs with which you can earn while you are learning. Here are some:

Freelance Writing, Editing, or Translating

For students, one of the most popular ways to make money is through freelance writing or editing or proofreading. From blog posts and informational content to a more specialized type of writing, freelance writing covers everything. Specialized writing such as legal writing, academic writing, technical writing and medical writing is also covered in this. Specialists can typically charge higher rates than those who write generally. Writers can monetize their content effectively and enjoy greater financial benefits if they start successful blogs of their own. The greatest benefit of freelance writing and editing is that it requires nothing, but just a computer and an internet connection. A student can make money as a freelance writer anywhere in the world, with just two things on his hands. One can also make money online through freelance translating if you are fluent in multiple languages. Since the number of multilingual people in the market is small, it is easier for freelance translators to find steady gigs. And if you are fluent in in-demand languages like Chinese, Mandarin or Japanese, more opportunities open up.


With improved internet speed and telecommuting, computer programming or coding has increasingly moved into the digital realm. This has even made working from home a common norm in the industry. If you are an IT student or pursuing any computer course, you can command a high rate working as a freelance programmer. All you need is knowledge about programming languages such as Python, SQL, Java, and others.


Businesses and individuals hire accountants who can help them keep a track of their finances. Students who are pursuing any accounting course or degree can support these businesses with the help of the gig economy. Freelance accountants can earn much more depending on their credentials.

Information Technology

With the need for businesses to keep their systems and tools running, Information Technology (IT) Specialists are always in high demand. Students pursuing an IT degree or course can now work many jobs remotely by commanding high prices per hour online.

Creative designing

Today, more and more companies are moving towards digitization. This has increased the demand for graphic designers, animators and other creative designers that can help companies to achieve this. A small enterprise or a start-up will look for someone with a fresh mindset who can help them in bringing a new point-of-view and might still be in college. This way, students can gain experience and can be in-line with the current market trends.

Monetizing experience (Peer studying)

There is a huge percentage of students who have an expansive skill-set. Such students can put their skills to use on their peers and monetize them. This will not only help them in gaining experience and sort of specialization but also help others.

Selling a product (Cooking, Creative designs, stitching etc)

With the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, there has been an upsurge in talent emerging from home. Many people took advantage of this and began to sell their skills as a product. This new market trend can be adopted by students who can sell their skills. They can be as simple as cooking, stitching, and can also include something new like coding or creative designing.

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