Do businesses believe in an increase in productivity among freelancers?

Businesses look at freelancers as the workforce of the future because of countless reasons and strongly believe that they’re an integral part of the work ecosystem. Apart from being cost effective, highly skilled, professional and providing quality work, freelancers are known to be extremely productive too.

Research reveals that the average regular employee is only productive for two hours and 53 minutes in an eight-hour day,” according to a recent Inc article. That’s right—only three hours of productive work per day for an hour and a half of pay. Employees (and freelancers) who work from home
have been regularly found to be more productive, owing to fewer interruptions, remote work arrangements that save significant commute time (and money), and the benefit of flexible hours.

Most freelancers are less stressed because they’re able to maintain a better work-life balance. They will be more productive when they’re not too pressurised or burdened by work.

Working from home increases productivity by providing a sense of comfort and relaxation. Employers who employed a work-from-home strategy also noticed a rise in annual profit.

In India’s burgeoning startup scene, it’s more common to outsource work to freelancers rather than hire in-house workers.

Flexing It, a gig network for freelance work, revealed data with ET exclusively, revealing that the average monthly projects/freelance vacancies on the platform in the first ten months of this fiscal year were
approximately 50% higher than those in April-January FY21.Companies across sectors, from technology and banking to consumer and consultancy, are increasingly reliant on gig workers due to soaring attrition

Businesses see freelancing professionals and the increase in their productivity in bright light. We hope this has given you some fresh perspective.

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